Rental End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips

If you want to learn how to claim your full deposit by keeping your place neat and clean, then look no further. One of the easiest ways to show you’re a good tenant is to ensure your place is nice and tidy. That way you won’t just get your deposit back, but your landlord may even reference you to any future landlords as proof of your honorable behavior.

Rental End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips

No matter how carefully we look after you apartment or house, a time comes when we may need to move out. This is when we usually find out there are a quite a few places in our home we missed during our cleaning efforts. In cases like these you can either focus on the cleaning job yourself, spending hours on it or maybe even days, depending on the nature of the mess you’re dealing with, or you can call a professional end-of-tenancy cleaning company to get the job done for you.

• You can begin your cleaning with the floors, specifically your rugs and carpets as they tend to collect the largest amounts of dirt over longer periods of time. You must make sure you shampoo them thoroughly and also wash them if you need to, as this will leave them in the best possible condition.

• You will also need to focus on cleaning your kitchen as well, such as the fridge, oven and other appliances as they have seen a lot of use throughout the years. Make sure you disinfect and clean all surfaces, including the walls, floors, counters, doorknobs, windows and any other place that needs special attention. You should also pay special attention to the sink as its easily the most dirty place in a home if left unchecked for longer periods of time.

• Pay close attention to small details, such as the areas where dust seems to settle but nobody notices. Trash cans, on top of furniture pieces, inside your washing machine’s powder drawer and the skirting boards as well are just some areas that need attention.

• If you have to leave the bed behind as well as other pieces of furniture in a fully-furnished apartment, then you will need to clean it as thoroughly as possible, vacuuming the mattress and letting it breathe. Strip it of all linen and change the sheets if it came with any new ones. Clean all window ledges, mirrors, radiators, skirting and the windows themselves. Dust all furniture, lampshades and any other location that may have been overlooked.

• You should wash windows both on the inside and the outside, as long as you can reach around safely. Either use products from the store or homemade ones such as vinegar. Rinse them and buff them with newspapers or maybe even a wash leather, assuming you have one available.

• If the home had any decorations, ornaments or pictures that were there when you moved in, make sure you place them back where they were, exactly the way they were left there.

• Replacing anything broken and checking the inventory, making sure everything is there is an absolute must.