When your mobility is limited, making changes to your home so that you can easily access more places than before seems like the ideal solution, but if you don’t know which type of lift you are after then choosing a lift to suit your physical disability can be difficult.


Fortunately there is a vast range of lifts for both residential and commercial buildings which can enable wheelchairs users or those with disabilities to access different levels at their convenience.

Stair Lifts


The stair lift is a good installation for a home where either one or more people struggle with access due to the incline of their stairs. When you worry about overbalancing or losing your footing, stairs can be a real worry and a stair lift can get rid of that worry. By installing a stair lift you can move independently up and down the stairs in a safe and much more comfortable way. It also allows you to carry items upstairs with you without the fear of holding the objects and perhaps falling.

Vertical Platform Lifts

New Lift Styles for Easy Access at Home

A vertical platform lift is a good solution for a wheelchair user that struggles to maneuver their wheelchair around their home and get to different levels because of access problems. A vertical lift has a platform which the wheelchair user can roll onto, and using a control panel they can lift and lower the lift to the required level. This can be really helpful for people that have raised porches, a few stairs on a lower level or other platforms in their home. To see the types of features on offer, click here to browse lifts.

Mini Elevators


Elevators for the home are ideal if you have the space to install them. They run up and down a fitted shaft and can be a permanent fixture for you home so that you can access two or more levels at any time. Usually designed with a small base area, it is just large enough to fit in a standard sized wheelchair or two people standing (although this may vary from model to model). Definitely an expensive lift choice, it is worth it if you want a long term access solution for your home.

Portable and Vehicle Lifts


Portable lifts are lightweight and usually easily collapsible so that they can be easily transported from place to place by storing them away in the trunk of your car. Many public buildings are required to have wheelchair access for people with limited mobility, but your own portable lift can mean that you car covered wherever you may go. Also, a portable lift can be taken to friends houses for easier access at their homes as well.

A vehicle lift is also portable but instead allows you to easily lift and lower your wheelchair out of your car or simply carry it on the back of your vehicle ready for use when you reach your destination thus enabling you o still travel and keep your independence.