We’ve spent many afternoons looking around homeware shops picking up cute vases, cushions, artwork, wallpaper samples and so much more, thinking to ourselves how lovely these items would look in our living room.

A few small tweaks to your space can make the world of difference but, you’re at risk of making mistakes when trying something new – especially when it comes to interior design.

To stop you spending a lot of money on correcting those mistakes we’re sharing with you the most common interior design mistakes and ways to avoid them.

Over-furnishing your room

Your furniture should fill your space and create something that’s both appealing and functional. There needs to be enough room for movement to flow and it should never feel or looked cramped. If it does, you should try and move items around, removing one or two pieces to see if this helps.

It’s not just about the amount of furniture but also the placement of it. After you’ve moved things around, step back and see how the space feels. If it’s still too tight, remove something altogether – you’ll be amazed at the difference it’ll make. Over furnishing will make a room seem smaller and hard to manoeuvre around.

Your bed is too large

Extra large beds are nothing if not luxurious but they don’t look right in everybody’s bedroom. A bed that appears too large can get in the way and cause problems. Remember, you need to be able to walk around and have storage space, it’s not all about the bed.

If you’ve gained a collection of bruises from walking into the corners of your bed, consider buying a new one. Divan Beds Centre has a huge selection of single, double and three-quarter sized beds for you to find one that would fit perfectly in your bedroom.

Picking furniture before choosing paint colours

If you choose your paint colour before deciding on your furniture such as sofas, rugs and tables, it will be much harder for you to match furniture to an already painted room than the other way around. Our advice would be to get your sofas and chairs first and take fabric samples into the paint shop to help decide on your colour palette.

We also suggest that you try out several different colour swatches and test them on the walls, leaving them for at least 24 hours so that you can get an accurate opinion on them with natural lighting and at various stages throughout the day.

The wrong lighting

Choosing the wrong lighting is often a mistake made with the installation of unnecessary lighting. This can make rooms appear dull or too bright. For example, fitting a bedroom with bright spotlights is the wrong choice and a kitchen with dim lights just will not work.

Having layered lighting throughout the house is the way to go. Brighten up the kitchen with warm yellow lights and opt for lots of natural lighting and lamps for your living room.

Hiding your windows

Hiding windows by hanging curtain rods too low is a common mistake. A curtain rod should be as close to the ceiling as possible to create the feel of a large room and a sense of height. Rods that have been placed too low will make your room feel dark and a lot smaller. You should be giving it a sense of scale and accurate proportions with natural sunlight.

Keep to these simple tips when redesigning your home and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how good it can look.