Final things to remember when leaving a clean flat

For those who rent their homes, leaving the property for the final time can often come with a need to leave the property in the cleanest state possible. With most landlords requesting a deposit to be paid at the start of a tenancy, the state in which you leave your home might well determine the amount of the deposit which is returned to you. While the majority of people will perform a big clean before they leave, it can be easy to overlook certain things during the moving process. So when it comes to leaving the cleanest possible property, find out how the best end of tenancy cleaning tips could help you make sure that you leave a home in the best possible state.

Final things to remember when leaving a clean flat
One of the most overlooked areas of any home, and often a place in which a great deal of dirt and grime can congregate is in the areas beneath a sink. Ironically enough, this is the storage area in which many people wish to store their cleaning products, with everything from window cleaning solutions to bleach often finding a home under the sink. However, it is easy enough for a great deal of dirt and grime to build up here so a quick check before you leave could be helpful.

It might seem a strange place to run a final check, but the spaces behind the radiators in a home can often not only attract a great deal of dust and dirt, but they can also be a magnet for items which you might have forgotten about long ago. When something falls behind a radiator it can be difficult to retrieve so is often abandoned. Before leaving a home, perform one last check of the spaces behind the radiators in order to make sure that there is nothing which might be considered messy or which you might regret having left behind.

For those with high ceilings, cobwebs can often be the bane of your existence. Building up without anyone noticing, these old spider webs are often forgotten about and ignored. This is especially true if they are to be found in areas which are difficult to reach. However, they can be one of the first things people look for when evaluating the cleanliness of a home. As such, a quick survey of the areas in which cobwebs are likely to accumulate is a good idea during the final moments in a home.

Depending on whether your flat is furnished or unfurnished, it might be that you have never even so much as have looked behind your furniture. When a property is supplied with those large and difficult to move items, cleaning in behind them can often be prohibitively difficult. So when it comes to leaving the property, the temptation might be to leave these items where you found them. Whilst this might be a fine idea, it could be that personal possessions have fallen behind these pieces of furniture so a quick check could find long forgotten items.

One final area which might require attention is only relevant to some tenants. If you are lucky enough to have lived in a home with a garden, it might be another area in which your cleaning skills might be required. Whilst it is unlikely that you will need to have nurtured a fantastic boutique of flowers, there area might have a few issues which need attention.

When leaving a property, it can be vital to leave it in the cleanest state possible. With your deposit possibly depending on your landlord’s evaluation of the premises, looking to get the cleanest possible property could be exactly what you need. It could even be a cost effective solution to hire a Finchley end of tenancy cleaning professional to ensure that the property is as clean as possible.