End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips and Guidelines

When its time to move on you need to figure out what you can do to make the place clean, neat and tidy once more. In a time like this you don’t just end up getting the deposit back from your landlord or the estate agency if you don’t have the place intact and clean. Regardless of where you live this is one rule that always applies in terms of rentals and you should follow it. No matter how careful you are when you live in a home or apartment, there is always something that may have gone unnoticed for long periods of time as the years went by. Such areas that happened to be missed during your usual cleaning rounds will need to be freshened up before you leave your place for good. Its up to you of course if you want to handle the cleaning yourself or use the services of a professional cleaning company. Either way you should keep a few things in mind unless you want to forfeit the deposit you placed when you took the rental:

End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips and Guidelines

• The rugs and carpets of a home usually end up being dirty first, so they are often the first in need of cleaning. You should make sure they are either properly vacuumed at least or even cleaned by a carpet cleaning company if the need arises.

• When it comes to your kitchen, you should focus on your oven, fridge and stove to ensure a clean environment. Make sure you disinfect and wipe down all surfaces in the kitchen, including your windows, floors, walls tiles, skirting and ledges. The inside of the cupboards would also be a good place to clean as well. The other things that needs special attention in this are is the sink, which needs to be cleaned as thoroughly as possible, removing the limescale as well.

• If you happen to be leaving a fully furnished home, you should make sure you arrange the contents of any drawers, shelves and cupboards so they can be tidy and neat.

• The other thing that needs attention is the fact that you will likely miss a lot of places that gather dust and dirt. You should pay special attention to trash bins, skirting boards, extractor fans and washing machine powder drawers as they usually collect a lot.

• If you have to leave the bed behind, then you will need to do a few things with the mattress. The first thing that needs to be done is to turn it, so it can get get some air on its other side and to vacuum it clean. Clean the window ledges, mirrors, paintings and blinds if the bedroom has any, but also clean and dust the lampshades, shelves, cupboards and all furniture as well.

• You should clean all your windows on both the inside and the outside if you can reach them safely. You can use either normal cleaning products for glass or you can add white vinegar and water together and use that to clean with a nice, soft cloth. Rinse them and buff them with a wash leather or a bunched up ball of newspapers.

• You should not forget the tops of the cupboards and high places and picture rails as part of the locations that need to be dealt with. There is much dirt, dust and even grease that is easily overlooked if you’ve been around for years in the same spot.